Deciding to Seek Help For Your AC Unit

By the time you finally get into bed at night, you might not want nothing more than to watch a fun television show in your cool, air conditioned master bedroom. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing trouble with your air conditioner, you might find yourself in a stuffy, uncomfortable space instead. However, air conditioning trouble doesn't have to come as a surprise. If you can learn to recognize the signs of trouble early, you might be able to call in the professionals before things turn sour. On my blog, you will be able to read through loads of helpful information on HVAC, so that you can detect trouble before it ruins your sleep.

Answering Two Frequent Questions Concerning Air Conditioning Systems


An air conditioning system can be one of the more important amenities for your home. However, it is a reality that you may not be very sure of what should be done to get the most out of these systems. This can lead to some potentially serious issues for your air conditioning system that can cause comfort issues for the house. To avoid these problems, you may need to learn the answers to the following couple of questions.

Will Your Air Conditioning System Require Regular Maintenance?

An air conditioning system is a highly complicated machine, which will require regular care to help it avoid some routine forms of damage. Unfortunately, there are many people that will fail to have their units properly serviced. When your air conditioning system is not serviced, it is possible for the moving parts to come out of alignment or to suffer a degradation of the lubrication. Both of these issues can cause severe damage to your unit if they are not corrected, but you can have these issues addressed by making sure to have a technician service your unit each spring.

In addition to having the unit professionally serviced, you will want to make sure that you are changing the air filter every month or two. Also, it is wise to keep the exterior unit clean to prevent dust and dirt accumulations from inhibiting the flow of air into the unit. To do this, you can simply spray down the exterior with a hose or pressure washer on its lowest setting.

Why Does The Air Coming From The Unit Smell Foul?

One day, the air coming from your vents may have a fairly foul and musty odor. These smells can often be attributed to molds growing in the ducting. As the cooled air flows over these mold colonies, it will develop this odor. In addition to being unpleasant, this issue can also create health hazards for individuals with chronic health conditions.

Luckily, it is possible to remove these mold colonies by having the ducting professionally cleaned. During these cleaning sessions, a powerful vacuum and sanitizing sprays will be used to remove these colonies and ensure they do not return in the future.

Ensuring that your home's air conditioning system is functioning correctly is essential for both the comfort of your house and its energy efficiency. By understanding the type of maintenance that these systems will require and the cause of a foul musty odor coming from the vents, you will be better able to ensure you are getting the most from this part of your house.

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9 August 2016