Deciding to Seek Help For Your AC Unit

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What Happens When You Run A Central AC Without A Filter?


When you really think about it, a central air conditioning system is a diverse bunch of operational components working together for the common purpose of keeping your home cool. Every last component has a job to do, right down to the filter that you put inside of the unit to capture dust.

If something happens and your filter needs to be changed or gets damaged, you may be tempted to just leave the thing out until you can get a new one. Not to mention, a bad filter in the AC is one of those things that can easily get forgotten and disregarded. Here's what you need to know about allowing your air conditioning system to continue running even without a filter inside. 

Your air conditioner can function without a filter. 

If you do pull the filter out of your central air system, not really anything will happen; the system will continue to run as usual. Some systems are designed to kick off if the filter is not in place, but this function can also be easily overridden in a pinch. Therefore, you definitely can run a central air system without a filter, but that does not mean that this is something you should be doing. 

The filter in your unit has a huge job to do. 

The filter that you use inside of your air unit seems minuscule enough, but this one component serves a few hugely important purposes. The filter is directly responsible for: 

  • Capturing dust particles in the air that is sent through the system
  • Keeping dust and particles out of the internal parts of the system
  • Preventing your ducts from getting filled with dust and debris

Your air filter is also directly responsible for keeping the air quality in your house from being openly contaminated with dust, dander, and other allergens, and other things that really should not be continuously cycled through the house. 

Operating your AC system without a filter can create major problems. 

Because the filter has so much to do, taking it out of your unit and leaving it out can cause major issues over the long term. You may be able to get by with leaving the filter out for a day or even a week, but just this length of time can cause dust and debris to accumulate inside of your unit and your ductwork. This can drastically lower the air quality levels in the house and can cause operational issues with the system itself in severe cases. 

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10 December 2018