Deciding to Seek Help For Your AC Unit

By the time you finally get into bed at night, you might not want nothing more than to watch a fun television show in your cool, air conditioned master bedroom. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing trouble with your air conditioner, you might find yourself in a stuffy, uncomfortable space instead. However, air conditioning trouble doesn't have to come as a surprise. If you can learn to recognize the signs of trouble early, you might be able to call in the professionals before things turn sour. On my blog, you will be able to read through loads of helpful information on HVAC, so that you can detect trouble before it ruins your sleep.

All The HVAC Services You Can Expect When You Hire An HVAC Contractor


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; that is what HVAC stands for. Yet, you probably do not know all about all of the various services tied to HVAC services. It is such a broad and varied set of services that most HVAC contractors spend at least two years learning and studying these systems before they receive their HVAC licenses. Here is a large portion of the services you can expect when you hire an HVAC contractor to work for you. 

Installation and Removal

Installation of all new HVAC systems and appliances is just the tip of the iceberg. When installing new systems, most of the time old systems have to be removed. The contractor removes the old systems to install the new systems, sometimes replacing part or all of one or more of the system components involved with your heating, cooling, and ventilation. He/she charges a fee for removal, especially where the old air conditioning systems are concerned. Special disposal of these systems is required by law because they can damage the environment, and only HVAC contractors are licensed to dispose of them properly. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ventilation systems accumulate unbelievable amounts of dust, dirt, bug carcasses, and the occasional dead rodent. Cleaning is an absolute necessity to keep the air ducts clear, promote efficiency in your heating and cooling appliances, and prevent illnesses from the stuff that gets blown back into your indoor air from the vents. Thorough cleanings are separate from your typical maintenance, but you can request them as an add-on service to semi-annual HVAC maintenance services. 


Brand-new HVAC systems well-maintained will not need repairs for years. However, older systems, or systems that have been poorly maintained, will need repairs a lot sooner. The contractor you hire can make these repairs when needed. 

Refrigerant Filling and Freezer/Refrigerator Repair

HVAC contractors are the only people licensed to handle dangerous refrigerants. They fill your cooling appliances, including your refrigerator, your freezers, and your air conditioner, with the necessary types and amounts of refrigerants (e.g., Freon, R-22, etc.) needed to make these appliances work properly. The contractor can also assess the appliance for issues with maintaining, holding onto, and utilizing refrigerant, where the problem concerned may be leaks or damaged parts. If the appliances are leaking refrigerant, they have to be replaced because they are no longer environmentally friendly. Sometimes just certain parts can be replaced, but most contractors suggest replacing these appliances entirely. 

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4 August 2019