Clean A Baseboard Heater If It Is Operating Inefficiently


A baseboard heater that isn't blowing much warm air out of its vents may have dirty residue stuck on some of its internal components. Learn how to clean the heater with the following steps. After finishing, keep the heater maintained after excessive use so that it continues to work in an efficient manner.  Materials disposable gloves stiff-bristled scrub brush fin comb vacuum cleaner with hose or brush attachment mild detergent water bucket sponge lint-free cloths can of compressed air Clean The Fin Tubing And Straighten Metal Pieces

1 December 2015

Quick Tips For Improving Your Air Conditioner's Performance


Are you not happy with the performance of your air conditioner? If your AC has been lacking performance, and you don't have the funds to replace it then there might be a solution that you can do on your own, without having to pay money on repairs. A few solutions that you can do on your own to improve the performance of your air conditioner are: Clean out Your Air Filters

23 September 2015

Three Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce AC Energy Consumption As Autumn Approaches


With the leaves falling off the trees, you can be sure that autumn will soon be here. The cold weather may not be here yet though, and many homes still need cooling. This does not mean that you cannot reduce energy consumption. With some simple maintenance and operation tips, you can greatly reduce cooling costs as the summer months wind to an end. Here are some tips to help you do maintenance to your AC, reduce energy consumption, and start preparing to shut the AC off:

25 August 2015

Troubleshooting an Air Conditioner: Parts That Should Be Professionally Inspected


Are you fed up with your air conditioning system not cooling down your house, and are you about to replace it? There are areas of the system that may simply need troubleshooting so that a repair can be made to bring the cool air back. In this article, discover what areas of an air conditioning system should be inspected and what a new system costs. What Parts of an Air Conditioning System Can Cause Cooling Problems?

20 July 2015

4 Great Tips For Quieting A Noisy Boiler


If you've been hearing pops, crackles or knocking noises from your basement area, then chances are it's due to your boiler making a loud racket. It's not out of the ordinary for a boiler to get a bit noisy, but that doesn't mean you have to live with the noise. Here are a few tips that can help you quiet your boiler and bring a bit of peace and tranquility back to your home.

8 July 2015

Wise Homeowner: 2 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System


The air conditioning system is something that most people tend to forget about as long as they are comfortable. But a wise homeowner knows that it is better to maintain an air conditioning system than to let it fail prematurely. The following are two simple maintenance tips that will help with the upkeep of your A/C.  1. Changing Your Air Filter The air filter helps your air conditioning system remove debris and pollutants from the air that cools down your home.

25 June 2015

Ductless Mini-Splits: Why They Offer Superior Energy Efficiency


With summer in full swing, many homeowners are looking for more energy efficient alternatives to traditional air conditioning systems. Ductless, mini-split systems are quickly gaining popularity as a more efficient and effective way to cool homes and offices. The units are called mini-splits because they are split in two parts; the outdoor compressor and indoor evaporators that are installed individually in different rooms. The system cools every room by pumping refrigerant between the evaporators and compressor, thus dissipating heat from the house and discarding it outside.

23 June 2015

Get Your Air Conditioning Ready For Baby's Arrival This Summer


You're awaiting the arrival of your family's newest addition. You're readying the nursery, buying baby products and picking out a name. One important aspect of waiting for baby is the preparation and maintenance of the air conditioning system. For a variety of reasons, you'll want your air conditioning to be in proper working order when baby arrives. To name a few: Loud repairs conducted after the baby arrives from the hospital can disrupt the baby's sleep.

20 June 2015

3 Reasons To Choose a Window-Mounted Air Conditioner


A window-mounted air conditioner is a fantastic choice when it comes to cooling your home, mostly because it can provide you with a whole host of benefits, including an easy install, an affordable price, and an energy efficient option. Easy To Install One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a window-mounted air conditioner is that it is very easy and quick to install. In many cases, you will be able to install the entire unit on your own in less than an hour.

19 June 2015

3 Factors To Help You Determine Whether To Repair Or Replace Your AC Unit


When your air conditioner has broken down for the third time in two months, you may be wondering whether the repairs are even worth it. Below are three factors that can help you to determine whether the repairs are worth it, or whether replacement would be a more worthwhile option. How Often are Repairs Needed? If your air conditioner seems to need a repair every time you turn around, you may need to consider whether continuing to make said repairs are worthwhile.

17 June 2015